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Total Recall VR Applications

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TRVR Apllication Comparison ChartTotal Recall VR Applications are Java/Windows based applications designed to run on Windows PC's running Windows 7, 8 or 10 Operating Systems (32 and 64 bit supported).
Each Total Recall VR recorder includes 3 licences for the Total Recall VR Desktop Client Application which inorporates the Manager, Monitor, Browser, Event Player and Audio Player Applications into a single pakage. Additional Client Applications can be purchased if required.
If you wish to play recordings in the AMBE format for Tait DMR networks, then you will need to purchase an AMBE decoder license per PC used.
TRVR Desktop
Total Recall VR Desktop brochureTRVR Desktop is a powerful all-in-one Total Recall VR PC application that combines the features and functions of the following TRVR applications into one desktop-like application:
TRVR Desktop comprehensively expands the capabilities of your Total Recall VR system:
  • Comprehensive system configuration, monitoring and management tools..
  • Multi-channel automated call monitoring with visual waveform.
  • Multi-channel call playback & event reconstruction with visual waveform.
  • Powerful call search tools.
  • Easy to use call playback tools with visual waveform.

Recorder Control Panel:
  • Advanced remote configuration of Total Recall VR systems and comprehensive maintenance options.
Recorder Status Panel:
  • Easy, real-time visual indications of recorder status, disk space and recording channel status.
Resource Manager:
  • One-stop shop for adding user accounts, connecting TRVR Units, Networks Archives, Mega Archives, Public Folders & more.
Criteria Builder:
  • Create, edit and share natural language search queries, to find calls on TRVR systems and archives.
  • Share pre-defined searches between users and applications.
Recorder Monitor:
  • Multi-Channel call monitoring over multiple TRVR units with visual waveforms.
Event Player:
  • Multi-Channel event reconstruction with visual waveforms.
  • Replay and save combined audio.
Archive Explorers:
  • View, search, export and manage recordings on TRVR systems, disk archives, network shares, USB arcives & more.
Audio Player:
  • Replay TRVR recordings with visual waveform.
  • Bulit-in email sharing and call integrity checker.

TRVR Connector
Total Recall VR ConnectorTRVR Connector is a combination of a Windows service and a GUI application. The service enables easy integration of Total Recall VR with business systems and cloud recording solutions where Total Recall VR is used as an audio capture device to create recordings that are subsequently consumed by other business systems and cloud recording solutions or their users.
The service downloads recordings from multiple Total Recall VR systems in near real-time and delivers the recordings, and optionally the metadata for the recordings, to other business systems and cloud recording solutions in a user specified format. The GUI application provides for configuration and control of the service.

TRVR Connector offers:
  • Windows service operating mode.
  • Continuous near real-time fetching (downloading) of recordings, in their native format, from one or multiple Total Recall VR systems.
  • Export of recordings from the native format to a number of popular audio file formats such as the mp3 and wav formats.
  • Export or recording metadata to CSV format.
  • Export of recordings and metadata to the CallMiner Eureka speech analytics platform and applications.
  • Delivery of recordings in native or exported format to remote systems via e-mail.
  • Automatic removal of downloaded and/or exported recordings.

TRVR Archiver
Total Recall VR ArchiverTRVR Archiver is a combination of a Windows service and a GUI application. The service can be used for near real-time continuous archiving of recordings from one or multiple Total Recall VR systems to a single Total Recall VR mega archive. The GUI application provides for configuration and control of the service formats.

TRVR Archiver offers:
    • Continuous near real-time archiving of recordings from one or multiple Total Recall VR systems to a single Total Recall VR mega archive.
    • Mega archives with unlimited number of recordings (subject to disk space limits).
    • Windows service operating mode.

    TRVR Archive Doctor
    Total Recall VR Archive DoctorTRVR Archive Doctor is a utility application designed to check the integrity and repair Total Recall VR archives. It supports all types of Total Recall VR archives: disc, network share and USB. In addition, it supports the new Public Folder archives.

    TRVR Archive Doctor offers:
    • Integrity check of data stored in archive databases.
    • Integrity check of recordings stored in archives in the trc file format.
    • Rebuild of any type of archive to any type of archive.

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