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Total Recall VR LinX Neos

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Total Recall VR LinX Neos
Total Recall VR LinX Neos provides a compact, professional, robust and highly configurable desktop voice logging solution for smaller capacity or space limited analogue telephone, VoIP, DMR, ED-137, RTP and/or radio recording applications.

LinX Neos is well suited to enterprises, governments, public utilities (including Airports and Rail) and military, with thousands of existing Total Recall VR installations working in these industries across the globe.

Specifically designed for mission-critical applications, LinX Neos offers incredible reliability and interface flexibility in a compact & professional enclosure. When you need the best and most secure call recording system on the market, you need Total Recall VR LinX Neos!

Professional, Flexible, Robust Voice Logging for Phone and Radio
In an increasingly security conscious, litigious and results-driven world, call recording and monitoring is vital to meeting your safety, duty of care and management needs. Total Recall VR LinX Neos is the fully featured, dedicated and professional voice logging system to match your requirements. Uncompromisingly reliable, and with flexible hybrid recording options, Total Recall VR LinX Neos is perfect for recording, archiving, searching and replaying your critical phone, radio and console communications.

Fast & Convenient Access with Simple GUI and Navigation
Live monitor, search and replay calls from the built in control panel on LinX Neos, featuring simple navigation keys and a big, bright 165 x 100mm TFT LCD display. Your solution can be managed from the control panel via three menus (Logging, Search and Options) and four simple navigation keys. Call replay control keys (play/pause, fast forward, rewind, and stop) are also included. Alternatively, all unit functions and configuration can be managed via your network and our advanced PC software packages – 3 installation licenses are included at no additional cost with your Total Recall VR LinX Neos system.

Reliable and Fault Tolerant, Multiple Long-Term Archive Options
Total Recall VR LinX Neos is custom engineered for voice logging, offering superior reliability compared to PC based systems. We combine numerous on-board hard drive storage options (including AV-GP, RAID-1, High-Capacity or SSD storage), together with the security, speed and reliability of an enterprise-grade UNIX operating system. Store up to 380,000 hours of call recordings or 600,000 individual records (whichever comes first) on board, and archive calls automatically or on-demand to inexpensive CD, DVD or Blu-ray media, network-attached storage or USB device.

Convenient and Powerful Windows PC Apps
Three installation licenses for our PC applications are included with every Total Recall VR system. These can be used to provide basic configuration, live monitoring, search and replay functions from the convenience of your Windows PC, via a TCP/IP network. You can also copy calls from your Total Recall VR system or archive discs to your computer, email calls in MP3, WAV, or secure TRC format, and add searchable notes to calls in real time.

Alternatively you can take advantage of our more advance software functions - highly configurable search & replay on TRVR systems and archives, multi-track waveform replay of calls, centralised continuous network archiving from one or multiple TRVR systems and/or simplified archive integrity checks & repair. Contact us (or your local TRVR reseller) for more information!

Record Everything –
Combine Analogue and VoIP Telephones, Radios, RTP Streams, Intercoms and More…
LinX Neos can record up to 24 simultaneous analogue channels from any line-level audio source - telephones, 2-way radio, intercoms etc. Inputs are standard modular audio jacks that are compatible with a wide range of easily available accessories. Additionally, record up to 30 VoIP channels, RTP streams, ED-137 Channels, DMR channels etc. in any combination.

Continuously live monitor by extension, or search and replay completed calls with ease. All functions are available via the built-in control panel, or from the comfort of your PC. Configurable Record-on-Demand functionality (PCI DSS compliant) gives users the option to record or discard current calls, or even to partially record calls if required. Record all calls, or between user-defined times.

Proven in thousands of installations worldwide, Total Recall VR is the professional and cost effective choice in voice logging systems and services, for all enterprise, government and military requirements.

Channel Recording Capabilities:
  • Calls on analogue lines via a high impedance (Hi-Z) analogue line tap.
  • Audio from any line level analogue audio source.
  • SIP sessions (calls) via SPAN port.
  • SIP sessions (calls) via UDP/TCP port.
  • SIPrec sessions via UDP/TCP port
  • Cisco BiB sessions via UDP/TCP port.
  • H.323 calls via SPAN port.
  • Unicast and Multicast RTP streams via SPAN port.
  • Unicast, Multicast and Broadcast RTP streams via a UDP port.
  • RTSP sessions via UDP/TCP port.
  • ATC recording via ED-137.
  • DMR recording via Tait VRP.
  • DMR recording via Hytera HDAP.

Recording Channel Capacity:
  • 24 analogue recording channels; or
  • 30 IP recording channels; or
  • 24 analogue plus 30 IP recording channels in any combination.

Key Features:
  • Industrial strength desktop enclosure.
  • Intel and Linux based platform for outstanding reliability and performance.
  • Built in control panel featuring a colour LCD display and easy access keys.
  • Ideal for hybrid analogue source (telephone, microphone, audio output…) and VoIP call recording.
  • Fault resilient audio storage.
  • Tamper proof audio media and file format.
  • Multi-level user access control.
  • User-configurable voce logging and call recording with functions like start/stop recording and record-on-demand.
  • Non-intrusive, live and real-time monitoring of recordings in progress.
  • Playback of completed recordings while recording in progress.
  • Start, stop, pause, fast-forward and fast-reverse player controls.
  • Comprehensive search options including time, date, call numbers, extension, agent name, key words in notes and much more.
  • On board storage and archive up to 380,000 hours on-board audio at 8Kbps and/or 60,000 hours at 64Kbps..
  • On-demand and automatic archiving at predefined intervals to CD, DVD, USB or Blu-Ray media.
  • Network archiving to archive unlimited number of recordings to a network drive.
  • SNMP alarm integration.
  • Station Messaging Detail Record (SMDR) Integration for many popular PaBX systems.
  • 3 Activation Licenses for any of the following PC applications with every system: Total Recall VR Desktop, Total Recall VR Manager, Total Recall VR Monitor, Total Recall VR Browser, Total Recall VR Event Player and Total Recall VR Audio Player.
  • 2 years factory warranty (that can be extended to 3, 4 or 5 years).

  • Solid state hard drive (SSD) to improve performance and reliability.
  • Mobile hard drive to use it in mobile environments: emergency vehicles, aircraft, mobile control centres and others.
  • AMBE decoder licence.

Total Recall VR Neos System
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